Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency Lawyers

Hilton Bradley’s expert lawyers can step you through all the options available to you, both inside and outside bankruptcy, and the consequences of each. Bankruptcy is a government legislated procedure of freeing an individual (as opposed to a company) from their debts.  It is a way of giving people struggling under financial distress a fresh financial beginning.

Our specialised insolvency lawyers and expert insolvency consultants help individuals under financial stress. Hilton Bradley Lawyers are experts in the Australia’s bankruptcy and insolvency law and will tailor a solution for you.

  • Are you concerned about personal guarantees that you or members of your family have signed?
  • Do you think you might become bankrupt or need to enter into a Part IX consumer debt agreement but would what would give you the best result?
  • Are you being chased the Australian Tax Office (ATO)?
  • Are you over your head in debts and want to have a tailored solution that considers all your options?
  • What are the best financing options?

While there are many organisations offering debt solutions for individuals many of these solutions have more to do with the commissions that those organisation earn than whether they are the right thing for their clients.

If you are looking for a custom-made solution that suits all your goals and is an approach that is designed by experts in the insolvency and bankruptcy area then Hilton Bradley Lawyers are happy to talk, obligation free.  We will listen carefully to your individual needs, and we can advise you on your options, whether that involves:

  • obtaining a payment plan for your outstanding debts,
  • considering your bankruptcy options (including a consumer debt agreement (Part IX Bankruptcy), or
  • finance including refinancing.

Hilton Bradley Lawyers will let you know the costs of what the various solutions will be and we never charge a commission.  We are also flexible in our billing arrangements, offering fixed fee or, in select cases, speculative billing (commonly known as ‘no win no fee’ billing).

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