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A company is insolvent when it is unable to pay its debts or when they happen to fall due. If you think that your company is insolvent and you are concerned that you cannot recover from that position then Hilton Bradley Lawyers can help you with an obligation free call.

Hilton Bradley Lawyers’ will provide the best advice to you to give your business the best path to financial recovery. Our specialised lawyers and expert insolvency consultants have extensive experience in helping businesses and their directors through tough times with minimum cost.

With Hilton Bradley Lawyers you are guaranteed:

  • Specialised legal advice from an expert team of lawyers and experienced, expert insolvency consultants
  • Tailor-made solutions which take into account your individual company needs
  • A focus on covering off your safety as a director including advice on insolvent trading and the statutory indemnity you have provided to the ATO by virtue of the Corporations Act.
We are dedicated to providing tailor-made, expert and effective solutions for your company and you as a director.

The experience of our team means we can act across all industries including building and construction, mining and mining services, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, agriculture, property, professional services, finance and financial advice. We understand the individual problems of each and every industry.

With Hilton Bradley Lawyers you will get:

  • Expert legal advice from a dedicated team of specialist business recovery and insolvency practitioners
  • Practical and effective solutions for a range of financial problems

Hilton Bradley Lawyers are not just typical ‘clinical lawyers’. We believe in practical, effective and timely advice which is tailor made to solve your business’ specific problems.

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