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Unpaid debt can not only unfairly strangle your cash flow, but they can also distract you from concentrating on the real reason you are in business.

At Hilton Bradley Lawyers we know that legal costs and disbursements can mean that collecting your debts can become too risky:  if there’s no recovery you have lost those legal costs and disbursements as well as having to write off the debt. That’s why we will act for in collecting those debts on a ‘no win no fee, no win no disbursement’ basis.

What this means is that unless you get your debt back you don’t pay anything, disbursements such as court filing fees, search costs and service fees included.

We charge on a fixed fee which doesn’t change no matter the size of the debt you need to chase.  We don’t charge commissions like debt collection agencies which can skyrocket with larger debts.

Also, unlike debt collection agencies, we will recover the legal costs and disbursements from the debtor so that you won’t be out of pocket for them.

Because Hilton Bradley Lawyers acts on a no win no fee, no win no disbursement basis, we share the risk of the recovery with you, meaning we are focused on the collection of the debt and all associated costs as quickly as possible.

We charge (provided there is a successful result) a fixed fee which is, where relevant, the same as the court’s approved scale.  Combine this with over 30 years of combined expert debt collection experience and you can be guaranteed the best debt collection results anywhere.

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